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puu's MitsuRunner setup

Notable changes to the original SW and HW:

  • Two additional Dallas sensors in heat exchanger pipes (used for research and as spare parts)
  • Current clamp sensor monitoring input power of the heat pump
  • Variable temperature delta threshold to start defrosting:
    • if (input) power < 500W, threshold = 4
    • if 900W ⇐ power < 1000W, threshold = 5
    • if power >= 1000W, threshold = 6

MitsuRunner wiring

Defrost thermistor's wires inside the outdoor unit

Defrost hack wires installed

MitsuRunner's AC wires and current measurement clamp


Outdoor heat exchanger sensor

Outdoor heat exchanger sensor (vertically installed on the lowest pipe) and two additional sensors just in case

Middle DS18B20 is used for MitsuRunner, blue arrow points to the location of the original defrost thermistor

Outdoor temperature sensor


Other hacks

Defrost thermistor insulated

Holes drilled to avoid ice accumulating

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